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Golden Gate Bridge

Lone Cypress at Pebble Beach

Big Sur in fog

Yosemite NP - Half Dome

San Diego Mission Church

California dreamin'

Inspired millions by its natural beauty, varied climate and unique lifestyle opportunities, California - the Golden State by the Pacific Ocean - remains a desired destination for people from all around the world.

The name California is derived from a fictional paradise ruled by a Queen Califia. Her kingdom was a remote land inhabited by griffins and other strange beasts and rich in gold.

In reality, Paradise is stretching from the mountains to the see. Visit California, it has a lot to offer:

  • vibrant cosmopolitan cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego),
  • cultural events and performing arts (Opera, Ballet, Philharmonic, concerts, shows),
  • lots of attractions (Sea World, Zoo, Safari Park, Disneyland, Hollywood movie studios),
  • charming small towns (Carmel, Monterey, Santa Barbara and more),
  • a chain of 21 missions along the El Camino Real,
  • famous wine regions (Sonoma and Napa Valleys, Santa Barbara County, Temecula),
  • one of the Old Faithful Geysers at Calistoga,
  • great outdoor activities from the mountains to the sea,
  • ski resorts with scenic beauty (Heavenly, Squaw Valley, Mammoth),
  • endless beaches, fun and water sport activities,
  • the highest peak of Mount Whitney (14,505 ft) in the High Sierras and just 90 miles away
  • the deepest point in Death Valley (-282 ft below sea level),
  • the biggest living creatures (Giant Sequoias),
  • the tallest trees (Coastal Redwood),
  • the oldest trees (Ancient Bristlecone Pine, 4700+ years old),
  • the southernmost glacier (Palisades Glacier),
  • endangered species of California Condors,
  • the migration of the Gray Whales (from Alaska to the Sea of Cortez),
  • the unusual mating ritual of the California Grunions,

... just to name a few and indeed - it was famous for the gold (1848 California Gold Rush).

California is one of the wealthiest states, ranks among the ten largest economies in the world. Major industries include agriculture, wineries, financial, technology, high-tech, aerospace, movies, entertainment, tourism, etc… 

Discover the endless opportunities of California!

The water of life!

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